Portland Naked Mens Yoga Community 


My intention for the Portland Naked Mens Community is for the Naked Yogi student to fully embody himself with all his erotic or sexual tension, and use it for his own expression and power.  By focusing  his energy on his breath the Naked Yogi becomes stronger and self confident.


Living a free life openly can help the Naked Yogi to focus on what is important to him and remove the blocks that may keep him living  fully in the moment enjoying his life.  These real concerns can be addressed and altered by physical practice right on his own yoga mat. The Naked Yogi can become more free in his own personal physical practice and feel comfortable in his skin when off the mat, so he can express his healthy opened reality. 

This class is not about sex, it is about Yoga, but when it comes to your body as you move and flow from posture to posture, it is possible for you to feel urges of sexual tension especially when you come into a pose. This is normal, OK and healthy, especially if you are a guy who feels fully visually alive. 

When a man arrives at the studio, he introduces himself and signs in.  He simply sheds his clothes in the dressing room, he proceeds to find a comfortable place, where he prepares himself on the yoga mat in the small intimate comfortable studio space. Some guys like to arrive a little early to warm up and relax after a busy day of activities and work.


I usually begin with a short warm up, then I proceed with a sequenced asana flow theme. I always switch it around a little bit so you are never bored and I am not either. I like to work with the Naked Yogis almost all of the time.

I am hands on because there are a varied amount of men, and I want each of them all to get the most out of his experience and his body.  I always learn from each Naked Yogi and the whole Yoga class to be a better teacher and to understand that it is important for me to stay in the moment.  Yoga is all I do because I love it, and  want to stay on this path . 

The class really connects this way, and is most enjoyable. I have really love working with the Naked Yogi men, I have learned so much about life.

Every class ends with rest, breath, and guided relaxation. 


The BIG question for new students is always about their erections. Really they are no big deal, every Naked Yogi man experiences them from time to time someplace. It is a healthy part of who he is. Erections and sensations feel good, so why waste the feeling in worry and enjoy what you have. So just relax and enjoy the class. After all it is your space and your mat. 



Portland Naked Men's Yogae

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