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Yoga Schedule​

Tuesdays - Vinyasa Fire Yoga - 6:30p

Thursdays - Yin Water Yoga - 6:30p

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website last updated: Aug 3, 2015

PNMY Statement

Portland Naked Men's Yoga

My honest intention for the man who choose's to practice yoga with the Portland Naked Mens Yoga Community is for the Naked Yogi man to fully embody and embrace himself, while on the yoga mat. I hope, he will bring all of his life's tension, stress, and love, so he can express his whole radiant self through his asanas.  When a Naked Yogi practices his asanas this way, a positive spark in his imagination happens to body and immediately depending on his state of mind.

All information obtained by PNMY stays here, never shared with no one in or out of the community.  

New to Yoga? 

No yoga experience necessary to receive full benefits of a  Yoga practice.

You are never to young or old to begin on the path of self discovery!