Portland Naked Men's Yoga

Charles Airey



I am a Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher.

I am trained and I instruct in a variety of Yoga principles and styles. Right now I am teaching Naked Mens Vinyasa and Naked Mens Yin Yoga in Portland Oregon.  I also teach Private, Corporate, and Partner Naked Mens Yoga by appointment only.  I mentor men who would like to take this path of yoga who are not quite comfortable yet with the Naked Yoga scene. PNMY has had requests visits of females, but these classes are for  just for Naked Yogi Men


Several years ago I was teaching Core Yoga for a non profit in town, and the director wanted something different for his studio. He asked me if I would teach a Naked Yoga technique of Vinyasa to men.  I gave the idea some thought, and as the fear subsided I could see possibilities for personal growth.  I resisted because I didn't want to brand my self into a niche. Then, there were other issues as well, too many to list on this page.  When I began my first class, I still wasn't comfortable with the idea of Naked Yoga because of the teachings of my Yogic background and values. But as I proceeded over a period of time, my perspective began to change. I noticed that there was a deeper connection to the whole Spiritual practice as well as of the physical one. I can't really tell you in exact words, because I don't have any.  It is just what it is, in so many strange and wonderful ways.  This is when I really began to fall in love with my own Naked Yoga practice, because I have seen so many positive changes in my life and others as well. I feel so blessed that I took the chance to do something different and be brave. I opened it to the love of my yoga practice.  I am finding it takes practice to be a fearless person in my self.  I truly didn't know that fear could be conquered this way before.  

For many years I have studied and practiced  with many fantastic Yoga masters, clothed, and unclothed . The spiritual wisdom and the physical growth I have enjoyed while practicing  Hatha, Kripalu, Yin, Restorative, and Vinyasa Yoga has opened my mind to receive what is all good in my life and in my heart.


I am not perfect or young, but I am an inspired young strong spirit with a good body and loving heart. I love all living beings, and I am an advocate for equality.  My experience in the local Yoga community and around the world while I am teaching Naked Yoga is extraordinary.

I have been fortunate to meet many local, national, and international Naked Yogis from all over the globe who are interested in their naked bodies.  The Naked Yogis are fearless to observe who they really are without their clothes on. There is a lot of ancestry and art in a Naked person, and when they are clothed it is disguised by covering up. I am blessed for the Naked Yogis that helped me on this path. Since I have journeyed on and into this path of Portland Naked Mens Yoga community, I have been really blessed to learn, grow, and to accept myself with all my life relationships and all the Naked Yogi Men seeking freedom, fun and fearlessness.


‚ÄčNamaste'  - Charles