Portland Naked Men's Yoga

Charles Airey



I am a Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher of 20+ years.

I am train, teach and mentor in a variety of Yoga men clothed or unclothed depending on the needs of the individual.   At the moment  I am teaching PNMY Vinyasa and Yin classes and privates in my home studio in downtown Portland Oregon.

  I also teach Private, Corporate, and Partner Naked Mens Yoga by appointment only anywhere in the universe. I have experience in it all. 

 I mentor men who are their path of naked yoga who are not quite comfortable yet with the Naked Yoga genre because it is simple but not easy.


Several years ago I was teaching Core Yoga for a non profit in town, and the director wanted something different for his studio. He asked me if I would teach a Naked Yoga technique of Vinyasa to men. I said yes because I like change.

My  journey on the path took off and I am still liking all the good benefits with great appreciation. I have to say life is better with naked yoga.

 I really love my own Naked Yoga practice, because I have seen so many positive changes in relationships of my life.   I feel so blessed that I took the chance to do something different and be brave so I connect with beings with similar interests. I am open  to the love of my PNMY practice and all the people in my life.  I am finding it takes mindful focused practice to be a fearless person even in the advent of a fearful depilating thought or action. Naked Yoga helps me with the negitatives.   

For many years I have studied and practiced  with many fantastic Yoga masters and beloveds.  The spiritual wisdom and the physical growth I have enjoyed is liberating and fun. 


 I am an inspired fiery young strong spirit with a good body and loving heart. I love all living beings, and I am an advocate for equality.  My experience in the local Yoga community and around the world while I am teaching Naked Yoga is a extraordinary gift I appreciate so much.

I have been fortunate to meet many local, national, and international Naked Yogis students  from all over the country and globe, interested in their naked bodies. Life is fun and interesting when I allow it. 


​Namaste'  - Charles