Easy Restorative Naked Yoga poses headed and allowed  on early Sunday Eve is for all Naked Yogis who want a deeper stretch, align stretch , and breathe into the stillness of their bodies . 

‚ÄčIn class we will begin to move slowly to assigned posters  and move the energy into alignment of our body by breathing and holding meditative postures . 

The postures can be held for 2 to 5 minutes depending of the difficulty of the stretch. This way we can connect to the connective tissues that restore and heal. This process can add the juice to fired muscles so the muscles can stay soft and flexible. 

This is a good way to restore, grow, and enjoy your naked body without the concerns or pressures of the faster pace of Vinyasa and the perfect feeling everyone on the planet is reaching for. 

This class is designed for all men who want to improve their wellbeing and explore their bodies more intimately at a slower pace of focus. Beginner--Intermediate Levels

Inquire: charles@portlandnakedmensyoga.com


Namaste' Charles


Sundays 5:30 pm

Sunday Naked Yin  5:30 pm  

Portland Naked Men's Yoga