I've always been active and most of my hobbies is enjoying the outdoors
participating in activities like running, c​ycling and windsurfing.  But I've
known that I've been slowly losing my flexibility which has started to
impact the things I really like to do.  Three years ago I had health
challenges and that changed my perspective on a lot of things in life.  I

want to really enjoy every day and every moment and I decided to start doing
yoga.  But I wanted it to be different and I decided to try naked yoga with
Charles.  It's exceeded my expectations.  Every week is still an improvement
over the last and I'm a long way from mastering yoga.  But I enjoy the hour
and a half vacation from reality every time I step into the studio.  Both
vinyasa and yin yoga are challenging and rewarding in their different ways.
I've met some great guys and enjoy their company every week but most of all,
it's Charles.  Truly a lovely man with a great sense of humor and a passion
to see men enjoy and prosper from yoga.  I can't imagine doing yoga any
other way.​


-- Charlie Jones, Beverton Oregon


Portland Naked Men's Yoga


It's been an interesting experiment for myself these past few months...  A friend had talked about taking a naked yoga class and how he enjoyed it. I had never taken a yoga class in my life and then for my first attempt, a naked class?  But I've been expanding my horizons lately, so I said what the hell.  Like many I had apprehension of what to think... body conscious issues, embarrassment issues, etc.  BUT to my surprise, after 5 mins I was over the naked thing and it just clicked.  The class was and is far more of a workout than I would have thought.  I find myself lost in the moment of yoga and often forget I'm even naked.  I won't lie that my eye does wonder sometimes and the view is nice, but it's more of an appreciation for the male form then a lewd act. So now with a few months under my belt, I can't imagine taking a yoga class any other way.


-- Chris Mason,  Portland Oregon

I'm blessed with much in my life Charles and one of the biggest is being able to practice my yoga with you and the other

men in class, it's a great group of men and I always come away from class energized and centered.  It's a great fellowship of men you've worked hard to create and I look forward to rejoining it as soon as I can.

Peace to you my good man.

-- Bruce Whitting, Portland Oregon 

I have taken yoga classes off and on over the years, but I never felt involved with a class or connected to the teacher enough to really learn how yoga works.  I had known about Naked Yoga, but I wasn't  sure I wanted to go that direction, but I finally found the courage to go to  see what Naked Yoga was all about.  As I enter my 70th year of life, I have always been in pretty good condition, but like anyone who is older knows that joints can ache at times and  don't bend easily.  Charles has changed that all for me.  I have made more advancement in learning and understanding yoga then ever before.  It has nothing to do about sex.  I have found that practicing yoga naked and in a safe environment is just what I needed.  It is about the practice and peace coming together with other men to mutually  learn and improve our bodies understanding their optimal function.  Charles' instruction and voice  challenges  me to be better, and certainly a healthier man.  I encourage you to try it.  I sure you will find it very gratifying.  Namaste'

-- Rob Tuengel, Beaverton OR

I have been going to Charles' class and taking his private lessons for several years. By far he is the best yoga teacher I have ever had. My prior teachers were good, but never seem to get  me to the next level and I often left class frustrated (the exact opposite of yoga should do). Charles knows when I am struggling, and works with me to help me be the best I can, he  constantly challenges me to excel! I have seen him work with students of various levels at the same time, he can help the beginner not feel inept while still challenging the advanced student. His classes have be a perfect addition to weight training and cardio in my fitness routine.  

I consider Charles a good friend and mentor and highly recommend his class

-- Robert Lusk, Portland Oregon