Portland Naked Men's Yoga

Alignment Flow Naked Yoga

             Monday 7:30 pm  



Email for Location: charles@portlandnakedmensyoga.com


Alignment Flow Naked Yoga is a series of sequences that will transform the body by the power of breath and aligned asanas transiting from one posture to another while finding balance and grace.   


PNMY offers are series of yoga posture sequences usually smooth and flowing in conscious mindfulness.  These sequences were designed to trigger the  body to heal and get much more clarity.  


Sometimes, Alignment Flow Naked Yoga is synchronized with Naked Yin Yoga, so we can come to an aligned relaxed cool down. It is a deeper hold so you can target specific problematic areas that seem out of line while relaxing deeper into self.   It will take some moments or so, for the body to find its way back into a natural state of residence because of momentum of transits in practice.  So the guided meditation and  breath will take you to a more blissful state.


 When we are calm our bodies can support and restore the softer connective building tissue in the joints.  This connective tissue is software cushion or patterns, so it can give us healing experience with flexibility and deeper joint health,  When the tissues are healthy we can move around freely and walk or hike long distances with ease, and confidence.    

 Naked Alignment Flow program has both mental balance, and physical strength to build a healthy body structure while supporting patterned muscle memory that heals and sustains flexible, and a  confident body needed for real health and mental clarity.