Portland Naked Men's Yoga

Yin and Yang Naked Yoga


Thursdays 6:30 pm


Downtown Portland 


Email for Location: charles@portlandnakedmensyoga.com

Yin & Yang Naked Yoga is a series of sequences that will transform our bodies by the power of breath and aligned asanas both moving and still. 

PNMY Yang movements are series of  sequences usually smooth, flowing, and warm  with mindfulness of the breath.  These sequences were designed to make our bodies stronger.  

When Yang Yoga is synchronized with Yin Yoga aligned postures our body actually comes at a still point and with integration of breath our aligned  bodies becomes relaxed.  It will take some moments for our bodies to find its way back into an aligned calm state of residence because of momentum.  So the guided breath will take you there.

 When we are calm our bodies can support and restore the softer connective building tissue to the core.  This connective tissue software can give us flexibility and the inner wisdom,  so we can move around freely and bend forward, and backward with confidence.    

 Naked Yin & Yang Yoga  has both the mental focus, and physical strength of our bodies structure while building  a softer connective system that sustains flexibility, and confidence. So they support each other.  Over time short or long with the practice of Naked Yin and Yang Yoga our  bodies will be strong and flexible. 

Life just feels better with the practice of Naked Yoga.